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Date Jun-09-2006 | Topic: Site Announcements

Due To A Hard Drive Failure My Site Went Offline. I Have Currently Been Working On Getting It Back Online. In A Few Days I Will Post A Couple Of Hacks In The Forums And Get The Downloads Online.

Update: I Have Moved My templates_c And cache Folder Out Of public_html And Added Some .htaccess Files

Update: Thinking Of The Layout And How I Will Display Information On The Site. Currently Not My Biggest Priority, But I Think About It Now And Then.
Update (June 16): Got XM-Memberstats Installed.. took a while for me to get the ip-country database uploaded. had to get an updated csv file. and uploaded it locally and made a sql file. and used Big Dump to run it 3000 lines at a time.

Update (June 26): Seeing That Some Sites Got Hacked.. I Have Also Changed The Names Of The Cache And Templates_c Folders.
Changed The Site Theme. Still Editing It A Bit.
I Currently Dont Have A Lot Of Free Time As I Used To, Things Are Going Slowly In The Module Development Area.

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