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Modules : LatestNews v. 0.6 is Released
Posted by Bandit-X on Jul-26-2008 (3150 reads)


Change log
Fixed bug: block not working if outside a news module page ( by bandit-x and trabis )
Added a check to prevent errors if the news module is not installed and active ( by trabis )
Added option multiselect topics ( by trabis )
Added option 'sort by' ( by trabis )
Added limit to "More News" link ( by young )
Added danish translation ( by anderssk )

Thanks to all translators


Download: [Link]

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Modules : LatestNews v. 0.5 is Released
Posted by Bandit-X on Jun-16-2008 (4048 reads) is happy to announce the release of Latest News block module.

This module displays the latest news from the news module (1.56) in a block.

1. Can set the number of articles to display, using one or more columns.
2. Can choose to display the title, author, date, comments link, and other display settings.
3. Can customize image properties in all articles (i.e. width, height, position, borders).
4. Can customize the number of letters to truncate each news item, without cutting off any words midway.

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Modules : CBB 4.0 Testing Is Ready For Download.
Posted by Bandit-X on Aug-09-2007 (2046 reads)

CBB 4.0 Is the Current Version Of CBB That Is In Development In SVN. For Those Who Don't Know Or Want To Know How To Use SVN(SubVersion) Can Check The Download Link Here.

Download Link: Download Link
CBB 4 And Frameworks Download Link (From SVN AUG.8.2007 A.D.).
In It I have packaged CBB 4 and Frameworks From SVN in a ZIP archive. (i would not suggest testing this on a live site. One of the main reasons is that Frameworks from SVN is different than the one that is on the xoopschina download section.)

You Will Also Need To Download XooPS Editors From XooPS China for the module to work. ( (1.10) )

So .. Test It. Hack It. Experiment With It.

Submit Bug Reports: (At This Link.. Registration Required) or submit it at and someone will submit it to the tracker for you.

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