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Modules : XM-Spotlight 1.02 Juin 10, 2008, Needs Some Testing.
Posted by Bandit-X on Jun-11-2008 (4145 reads)

Some Bug Fixes, and Some Code Changes To Make It Run Better/Faster. (Tested On XCL and XooPS, News 1.56, PHP5, MySQL 5)

Download Link. [Here]

*There Will Be No ChangeLog Or Readme File.

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Modules : XMSPOTLIGHT SEPTEMBER 2007 Download
Posted by Bandit-X on Sep-23-2007 (3715 reads)

Thanks To All The People On XooPS. And The Input And Suggestions. Since Dev.Xoops have been up and down lately I've put the download on sourceforge. Not Many Changes, Been Busy With A New Version That Will be able to use other modules and other things.

New Version: XM-Spotlight

Current Features:
* Displays A Block That Has The List Of x News Articles In A Category Or The Category and Its SubCategories.
* Able To Select Up To 12 Categories. In The Block.
* Also The Ability To 'Spotlight' Articles. (To Display An Article And Its 'The Scoop' On The Block)
* Category Setting To Show or Not Show Category Image
* To Show Custom Spotlight Image or The Topic Image or No Image.

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Modules : XM-Spotlight Has Moved To XooPS Malaysia
Posted by Bandit-X on Mar-21-2007 (2213 reads)

XM-Spotlight Is Now At The XooPS Malaysia's Project Page. I've Uploaded The Current Version To SVN.

but a release will be out soon with the current bug fixes.

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Modules : Latest Version Of XM-Spotlight
Posted by Bandit-X on Jan-18-2007 (2091 reads)

Latest Version Of XM-Spotlight is AT..

next version planned at the end of February (XM-Spotlight 1.02Final.. i hope) and also compatible with XooPS Cube Legacy

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Modules : XM-Spotlight 1.02 Beta2 10272006 In The Downloads
Posted by Bandit-X on Oct-27-2006 (2021 reads)

The New Version Of XM-Spotlight Is Available In The Downloads Section.
XM-Spotlight 1.02Beta2 (10272006) Download Link (..ZIP)

Installs Like Any XooPS Module.
Requires XooPS Module News 1.44 (Doesn't Work With News 1.50)

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