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Hacks. XooPS Hacks To The Core Or Modules.
Hacks. : Hide Hack From Xoops.Org News
Posted by Bandit-X on Sep-03-2007 (5974 reads)

I Saw This Posted At XooPS.Org And So I Adapted It To Use With Frameworks 1.20| Hacks : Hidden Content Hack

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Hacks. : Using Case Insensitive BBcodes In XooPS
Posted by Bandit-X on Jan-27-2007 (2455 reads)

Purpose: The Ability To Use Upper/Lower Case BBCodes In XooPS

the file is .. /class/module.textsanitizer.php

here is what the pattern should look like for img...

       $patterns[] = "/\[img]([^\"\(\)\?\&'<>]*)\[\/img\]/sUi";

..I just added an i


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Hacks. : Modify siteurl BBcode to open in _self
Posted by Bandit-X on Jan-27-2007 (2620 reads)

Purpose: Changes The siteurl BBcode to open the link in the same window

file: class/module.textsanitizer.php

        $patterns[] = "/\[siteurl=(['\"]?)([^\"'<>]*)\\1](.*)\[\/siteurl\]/sU";
        $replacements[] = '<a href="'.XOOPS_URL.'/\\2" target="_self">\\3</a>';

*"_self" was added

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