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Other. : Frameworks 1.20 Has Been Released
Posted by Bandit-X on Aug-27-2007 (2158 reads)

Frameworks provides a collective of common functions, classes, service packages like fpdf, tranfser that are required or can be used by modules like article, cbb, planet, wordpress, mediawiki and more...

Major updates in the release:
1 code updates according to XOOPS 2.0.17
2 cache for PDF maker

Download and details: Frameworks for article, cbb, planet and more

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Modules : CBB 4.0 Testing Is Ready For Download.
Posted by Bandit-X on Aug-09-2007 (1966 reads)

CBB 4.0 Is the Current Version Of CBB That Is In Development In SVN. For Those Who Don't Know Or Want To Know How To Use SVN(SubVersion) Can Check The Download Link Here.

Download Link: Download Link
CBB 4 And Frameworks Download Link (From SVN AUG.8.2007 A.D.).
In It I have packaged CBB 4 and Frameworks From SVN in a ZIP archive. (i would not suggest testing this on a live site. One of the main reasons is that Frameworks from SVN is different than the one that is on the xoopschina download section.)

You Will Also Need To Download XooPS Editors From XooPS China for the module to work. ( (1.10) )

So .. Test It. Hack It. Experiment With It.

Submit Bug Reports: (At This Link.. Registration Required) or submit it at and someone will submit it to the tracker for you.

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Site Announcements : Updated To XCL (XooPS Cube Legacy)
Posted by Bandit-X on Jul-11-2007 (2216 reads)

It's Been A While Since I Updated The Core, But I Updated It. On Sunday I Updated The Site To XooPS Cube Legacy w/The XooPS 2 System Module From XooPS 2.x JP. It Was An Easy Update, There Were Many Changes And Some Little Problems, But Nothing Major. No One Would Know It, If I Didn't Say Anything.

Oh. And The Site Is A Bit Of A Mess Right Now. I've Been Moving Things Around.

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Modules : XM-Spotlight Has Moved To XooPS Malaysia
Posted by Bandit-X on Mar-21-2007 (2278 reads)

XM-Spotlight Is Now At The XooPS Malaysia's Project Page. I've Uploaded The Current Version To SVN.

but a release will be out soon with the current bug fixes.

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Site Announcements : Two Scheduled Maintenance periods Saturday February 3rd 2007 FortressITX
Posted by Bandit-X on Feb-01-2007 (1946 reads)

This upcoming Saturday, February 3rd, 2007 at 3AM EST we will be performing scheduled maintenance on our network. The maintenance window will be from 3AM until 7AM EST during which time we will be adding further redundancy to our network, enabling additional GIGE links and making final changes to our CORE / AGG / GAR Routers. The initial estimated downtime will be approximately 30 minutes, followed by individual network segments of 30 minutes each. Network segments should only affect clients once along with the initial downtime, so we are anticipating 1 hour of downtime per client during these upgrades. This is a portion of network upgrades discussed in our recent IRC chat hosting night which we will again host another in the next week or two and will notify everyone of the dates / times.

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